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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Mech-ish Tempo Mage


I have to start this week’s article off by being brutally honest: I despise Tempo Mage. I hate it, I can’t stand playing it, and don’t much like playing against it either. I think it is very weak, and depends too heavily on curve, too much on timely burn, and too much on a lot of low-impact cards. My biggest complaint with the deck has been that the curve is much too high, and you need the exact cards in succession to keep pace. It seems that I was not the only one with this feeling, and this week’s decklist, an amazing twist on the standard Tempo Mage, fixes that problem in an amazing way.

How do you change the swingy draw-dependent way that Tempo Mage plays? Fix the curve of course. No, check that. You obliterate the curve. This week’s deck drew my attention because, not only is it a great example of how to use value cards to climb the ladder, it also creates a beautiful curve. By taking out the high end of Tempo Mage and putting in a traditional Mech package, you suddenly don’t need cards that costs more than four. While this is by no means an aggro deck, it plays very much like the Shockadin decks of old. You try to play and combo as many cards as you can, and then refill your hand with Arcane Intellect and Jeeves. Those two cards may not be as good as Divine Favor, but they help you dig for threats or lethal. Taking elements from Mech Mage and putting them into Tempo is a great combination that gives you some ¬†extra tools that fix many of the problems with regular Tempo Mage.

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Leave a Reply

  1. _yamx_ says:

    Lovely deck. I lack most of the legendaries needed for “regular” Tempo Mage, and this list isn’t only much more playable, it’s also more attainable for people who don’t have huge collections. (All I had to craft was one Blastmage.)

    I once had an amazing arena run (my only time with 12 wins) with a deck a bit like this–loads of spells, and the MVP in the deck was without a doubt the Flamewaker. Won me more than one match almost by itself.

    Thank you!

  2. comrade says:

    Awesome decklist, can you post the druid dragonlist?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks. I would, but pending success it’s probably gonna be the focus of one of my future articles.

  3. hmmmpie says:

    Thanks for the deck list! I was definitely having the same problem with tempo Mage. Secret package was feeling really weak and the reliance on high end of the curve showing up at the right time hurt. Antonidas and ice lances felt good still, but this seems like a good twist to squeeze in the mechs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the secret package is getting weaker as time goes on. Yes, you can still get some crazy value, but everyone knows the breakdown know and plays around it. In addition, I hated getting blow out by Kezan Mystics.

  4. junki0n says:

    Great! I was hoping for a cheap Flamewaker aggro/tempo deck! The video guide really helps and raises the bar for content.

    I actually played this deck last season with -1 Flamecannon, – 1 Arcane Intellect and +2 Annoy-o-Tron to reduce clunk and protect the key minions. Only played 6 games (went 4-2) before going back to a pure aggro version (which went 15-6, rank 12-8).

    How often did the double Arcane Intellect interfere with Jeeves?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks. Yeah, I try to do both to give people a full, complete breakdown. I was skeptical of the same thing, but it actually never came up. Because the cards are so cheap, even if you do cast intellect, you can usually dump your hand again right away, and Jeeves is so powerful he’s worth the two slots.

  5. Angry Chicken says:

    it seems like you stole the decklist from reddit and now pass it of as your idea, making a profit out of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I never claimed this was my idea. In fact, my series explicitly states that I look at different legend decklists and analyze them. I only claim decklists are mine when I say “I took this to legend” which I did not do here. I also always try to cite the author of the deck. If I forgot this week, I do apologize. This series mostly covers other people’s decklists, not my own.

      • hmmmpie says:

        I never got the impression he claimed he created these. He finds good decks, usually with some unique twist, and provides a solid guide. Usually I’ve seen credit given to the deck builder too. He’s doing research and quality training for us, that’s the value. Thanks for the series.