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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Mid-Karazhan Hunter


Karazhan! After my week off, I am back and ready with more legend decks. We are now two weeks into the new adventure, and there is no doubt the new cards are going to have a large impact on the metagame as a whole. Last week I covered my token secret build I put together for the first wing, and this time we are looking at an early legend list that slotted in some new cards into the classic Midrange Hunter. Adventures are interesting because they are rarely going to create brand new archetypes. Though sometimes new decks do come around, it is hard for just one card to make an entire new deck pop up out of nowhere. However, there are some cards are so inherently strong they fundamentally change an existing deck. And that’s what happened with Hunter.

Hunter has gotten two new cards so far and they both led to subtle shifts in the deck that are worth discussing from both a meta and deck building standpoint. It is always interesting to see how much impact one or two cards can have on a deck. This list runs very much like the stock midrange lists that we all know and love, but there are a few changes that really amp up this deck’s power level. Midrange Hunter has always been a solid deck, but one of its biggest weaknesses has been the early game. Hunter has the best six and eight drop in the game right now. It is living or having board until those cards come down that’s tricky. The new changes rapidly ramp up the early game and give the strong deck even stronger options throughout their curve.

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  1. kildaros says:

    In the first four games not even pulled the Huntress. The fifth match is lost. The first four games are won by the conventional midrange elements of the deck (+ kindly grandmother ofc). So what’s the point of the CH+secret section? 😛

  2. drewmoney says:

    Video still doesn’t work.

  3. highjinx says:

    Can we get the video fixed?

  4. biggen says:

    Video no workie…

  5. stuartbarton says:

    The only thing I’d add to this list is a Barnes!