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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Naga Ramp!


It may seem odd how often I gravitate towards Druid, but honestly, for all the hate that it gets (and deserves!) it is a pretty cool class. Ramp is a sweet archetype and I personally enjoy Druid’s connection to nature from a lore/fantasy standpoint. As such, it is always cool to be able to take Malfurion into battle with a list that doesn’t run the Force of Nature/Savage Roar wombo-kill you from thirty life because I happened to draw the right cards in the right order and oh yeah you can’t kill a 2/2 because you were too busy answering all of my constant 5/5 threats-combo. This week’s list follows that rule by going in the exact opposite direction of the classic Midrange list and doing what Druid was always meant to do: kill people with some really, really, really big minions.

Ramp has always been a fringe archetype, a deck that has existed in the shadows of the game. However, it has always had a lot of potential, and can just run over most decks if it gets rolling. In my history with this game I have found that most people try to play ramp with half-measures, meaning they don’t go all-in. This is understandable, as it can be scary to play a deck that doesn’t have finishing burst or that gets rolled over by having a rough mulligan. However, you simply cannot play a deck like Ramp by living in that middle ground. You have to go all-in if you want to win, making everything either ramp or end the game. There are a ton of awesome giant minions in Hearthstone (especially in Druid) and this deck’s only goal is to power them out. Of course, it does run some early removal as well, but you are really looking for your minions to carry the day.

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Leave a Reply

  1. suskeyhose says:

    I still like my 75% winrate Astral Communion druid.

  2. _nomad says:

    Just awesome. I always loved Ramp Druid and played various iterations but this one does work quite exceptional and is a welcome change in this meta. Thx for sharing!

  3. direna says:

    This deck ain’t meant to be a serious one, right? For heavens sake I played a lot of games just non-ladder, absolutly every game was disgusting…Why should I ramp into an early Naga in Turn 3? Usualy having no Innervate then, it’s a dead Turn 4 and everyone kills / silences the Nage in this two turns.

    I never had the chance to have a Naga AND ramp to 2 Big Minions in Turn 6 nad using one big minion and a spell is impossible, cause the spells cots five mana two…

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I mean, all of my decks are legend decks, and they are all meant to be serious. I like ramping naga early because of how strong it is. Your opponent is never going to let it live, ever. That slows your opponent down, giving you more time to draw. It’s a tempo play that works quite well against most of the meta. Obviously getting it down turn four is the best case scenario though.

  4. noirlapin says:

    Interesting deck. But aren’t you screwing yourself by innervating out a turn 2 Naga Sea Witch? It would only work if you had both innervates in hand as well as a +5 mana minion. Then you’d still have a dead hand on turn 4.

    • direna says:

      That’s exactly what I wondered about and still don’t understand

  5. karasutd says:

    Good article. However, I tried to take for a ride this deck, first thing I realize is that double darnassus doesn’t work with kel’thuzad.