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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Your New TempRho Mage


One week of TGT is down, and boy have things changed. Secrets Paladin had a chokehold on the ladder for about fifteen seconds, and now everything is evening out all around. Many classes that I have not seen in some time (Druid and Shaman come to mind) are much more prevalent, adding some much needed diversity to the ladder. The new cards have had some huge impacts on a lot of decks. While nothing truly new outside of Secrets Paladin has truly surfaced, a lot of old decks play in new, more exciting ways.¬†One such build is a Tempo Mage list made by one of my favorite streamers, Hotform. This list may seem familiar at first glance, and that’s because it uses an old shell. However, while this deck only runs one new card from TGT, it is a direct product of the expansion.

When a new set comes out, there are a couple of routes you can go while deckbuilding. One way is to simply adapt to the changing meta in the best manner possible. This deck is a perfect example of that, taking an outdated build and adapting it a brand new way. There is no reason to (once again) go on about how much I despise the Tempo Mage decks of old, but this list has a very solid curve that takes a lot of early game and finishes it with a very strong ending punch. While there is one large change from Hotform’s original list (something we will get to in further detail later on) the other twenty nine cards are perfectly tuned to take on today’s meta. Hearthstone is, and has always been, a game of adapt or die. That is the nature of CCG’s in general, and it is especially true when a new set drops. You simply can’t just play old decks and expect to win in the way you once did. You need to be able to see what is good, or what is popular, and then take on the ladder through that lense. This list does that with traditional Tempo Mage. Taking what has always been an aggressive build and turning it into a very strong midrange machine.

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Leave a Reply

  1. jorands says:

    Had some problems winning at first around rank 17 but then I just changed the way I was playing(played smarter), as well as made the same changes jbensonism made to the deck and went from from 17-13 without a loss. My first loss was to another TemphRho mage deck lol. If anyone is wondering jbensonism, in the comments below, added Malygos and a twilight guardian. But great deck once I learned how to play it better, thanks :)

    I also tried the deck earlier with Nexus-Champion and as thevsurgeon said it just felt way too slow.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Awesome! Interesting to see that Malygos is working so well. Might be worth a shot. I never even considered it when I was working with the deck.

  2. dmeza31 says:

    Hey man, what do you think about fallen hero in tempo mage?, I really like how it could become a little 4th turn fire elemental, that you could play in turn 2

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I actually really like Fallen Hero. Solid body, great opening play with the coin and removal on turn four. I think it’s a very strong card, but probably not for this style of list. I would cut the curve down and go more aggressive if I was going to play hero.

  3. dukeofyork says:

    I’ve played 10 games so far with it – very nice! I removed one mirror image so I could include Nexus-Champion (thoughts?). I am often puzzled whether to keep Flamewalker in opening hand. What do you do?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      If there is a card to cut, it is definitely the mirror image. I’m not the biggest fan of Saraad, I think he’s a little slow, but if he works for you, then go for it. On the topic of Flamewaker, I think he should always be kept if you have the coin. I don’t like keeping him without it, unless I have a bunch of cheap spells or a Sorcerer’s Apprentice to go with him. Normally, you want to start out stronger than a turn three play.

  4. jbensonism says:

    I added Malygos to this list (minus one arcane intellect) and found an alternate win condition. Rhonin’s 3 Arcance missiles becomes 24x random damage.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      That could be a good change. I like the versatility, but you do want to watch out for the curve being too high.

      • jbensonism says:

        True, I freaking love this deck right now. One day of play and down to rank 13 from 20. The last four hunters I faced quit before turn 6. This deck has mad synergy. I have to admit I also swapped one water elemental for a twilight guardian because azure drakes and malygos trigger the buff and twilight into azure sets up nicely for some flamewaker synergy aggression on turn 6 before dropping a legend on turns 8+

        If you mulligan well this deck gets ahead and stays ahead well. It seems the Malygos swap comes into play for me against mysterious challenger paladin almost every match.

        • thetvsurgeon says:

          That’s great! Love you’re having fun with the deck. Yeah, I think this deck is awesome (and Rhonin is just so cool).

          • jbensonism says:

            Oh oh! One match I actually drew Rhonin out of a gold portal… best turn 5 ever. More of a bonus than anything, I really like that the deck runs one portal.