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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: No Love (Chinese Priest)


Oh, Priest, what happened to you? It is no secret that, by now in the Hearthstone community, Priest has rapidly fallen out of favor. While the healing class has never been a favorite (or close to a favorite) they still have spent a good deal of time in the sun (much more than Shaman). Currently, Priest just isn’t strong enough. It has too many reactive cards, not enough finishers and doesn’t operate well as a midrange or an aggro deck…except…except this is Weekly Legends. And, here on Weekly Legends we don’t listen to silly statements like this. We don’t listen to “doesn’t work” or “can’t make it”. We try where others have failed, and luckily, other people do as well. While Hearthstone has its “best decks”, there are plenty of different ways to climb the ladder all the way to the orange diamond, and today we will look at exactly how Anduin, so cast off from the decks of old, does it.

Chinese Priest is nothing new, but it is a very interesting take on an old idea. The idea? Stay alive and win the long game. Of course, there are always the options of winning early on by some crazy Velen's Chosen start, but most of the time this is a control deck through and through. What is interesting about this version of Priest (and the reason I decided to showcase it this week) is it runs many unusual cards not normally found in any deck. For instance, there is always talk about double Deathlord and double chosen, but you also run two Holy Nova, a Holy Fire, Vol'jin and a Mind Control while also running just one Wild Pyromancer, Cabal Shadow Priest and Lightbomb. In that way, this deck has a wide range of tools against both aggro and control. I have never covered a Priest in this series before, and if you are looking for a chance (or a better understanding) of how to play it on ladder, this is the best way to go.

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Leave a Reply

  1. transistor says:

    Any good replacement for Vol’jin?

    • Lucky HSP says:

      I’d go with Shadow Madness or 2nd Lightbomb, just because they’re very strong removal cards in the current metagame.

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Honestly, that’s a reaaally tough spot to fill (in just about every Priest). Voljin is a huge body and removal spell in one, and nothing does what he does. Honestly, I’m gonna disagree with Lucky here. You don’t want more removal, that’s not really the point of what Vol’jin does. I would add another solid midgame minion such as Cairne, Loatheb or the like. Something that gives you some extra punch.

  2. quattroc says:

    Going to try your list out next season. Very interesting. I used the deck that savj piloted to legend back in April (I think) with Kezan Mystic teched in (since over 50% of my games this season were hunters/mages) and it is a very good anti meta deck. Only saw 3 handlocks all season. Played very casually and climbed to rank 8 with a 72% win rate. Chinese priest is an extremely underrated deck.

    I especially like your choice of sneeds in this list. As you say, velens or sylvanas will typically bait out the single owl most decks play and dealing with Sneeds from a priest is nightmarish. Also, that’s one of my favourite cards and some of my most memorable games involved Sneeds.

    Very nice job on this article and hope to see more on priests in the future.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Hope that goes well. Sneed’s is one of the more underrated legends and one of my finishers of choice, since taunts get burned early and often in this meta. Yeah, I try to hit all of the classes as much as I can, but you really never know when or how a certain deck is going to pop up.

  3. togenburg says:

    After some practice I must admit, that this deck is very impressive, but it feels like I neeed some advice.

  4. togenburg says:

    Why there are no mutchups against handlock or mage or rogue? these are most tricky ones, also playing at rank 11 is not very impressive. Btw why dont you play Gilbin Stalker instead of Boxer? Hope to see some more tips, because I find it hard to climb with it even haveing golden priest.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I just play as the season goes (since this is a weekly guide). I’m an eight time legend, but I can’t just get to legend immediately at the start of each season. I do play Stalker, it is a central part of the deck, does the guide say differently?

      • togenburg says:

        I ment boxer for stalker, sorry

        • thetvsurgeon says:

          While Boxer is good at pinging things down and trading, Stalker just gives you a way to always have a Velen’s target if you play it early on.