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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: N’zoth Hunter


Two weeks ago, we brought Priest back from the brink into the land of living. This week, we’re gonna give Hunter the same treatment. Hunter is a class that many (hello Firebat) have heralded as dead. However, it is also a class that I believe cannot die due to a mix of its hero power and incredibly powerful minions. This deck proves that by giving us a hybrid list that is the closest thing to a true Control Hunter you will ever see. While it does not have many of the classic control cards, it does run in a very interesting way. Instead of just going all in on the beast/midrange plan, the deck runs a ton of haymakers that it can use to close out games just in case something goes south. That is something we have never seen in a Hunter shell and it works really, really well here.

Make no mistake, this deck is a midrange deck. It is just a midrange deck that has elements Midrange Hunter has never seen before: finishers. One of the biggest problems with Midrange Hunter in the past is that it has not really had any end-game punches. Rather, it just tries to slowly (or quickly) slam pressure down its opponent’s throat to control the board and quickly close things out. This deck throws all of that out the window and gives us a deck that is built to start out early and go long. It is very rare that decks are able to have a 1-10 curve. In fact, I cannot honestly think of a deck in the history of Hearthstone (besides Reno decks) that has. However, Hunter is so strong during the middle of the game and has so many powerful, high-impact minions that it more than helps you get from the bottom all the way to the top.

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  1. biggen says:

    This is a great deck but the issue i have is its rare i actually get to turn 10 so corrupter goes unused. Ive played 20 games and haven’t put him down yet. Thinking about dropping him for something else.

  2. fritzxp says:

    hi. love the deck. i played a similar one (with double hunters mark) at the very beginning of standard and it was a real pleasure crushing all the cthun druids that were all over the ladder during the first week. i guess i might have needed another 2-drop in addition to the 4 beasts but never made the inclusion of flame juggler or anything. obviously flame juggler is better for taking and keeping the board early but have you considered knife juggler instead? it kills most of the things juggler does and dies to the same removal (actually draws out the removal) and has the option for those nice unleash the hounds plays which can destroy zoo..