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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: OTK Priest



I am not a huge fan of Priest. It is my only non-golden class, and there is a big reason for why that is. It usually is too slow, too unfair and never sits anywhere in the middle. However, sometimes unfair can be a good thing. I personally love creative OTK decks (not you Patron) that takes cards that aren’t normally used and spin them in a new way. While this week’s deck (Mind Blast Priest) has been done in many ways before, there are always things to learn about the new versions of old decks. This week’s decklist comes from Lyme, and it is really quite cool. Not only is it just a very interesting concept, but it is also a new adaptation of a very old idea. OTK decks are very tricky to build. They need to have enough control variants to be able to last long enough to pull off the combo, but also need to have enough power where you don’t suffer from playing your combo cards. The reason that Midrange Druid is so powerful is that its combo is not just a combo and can be played in numerous ways. However, this is not Midrange Druid. You have one goal, and you need to know how to reach it.

For those that do not know, Prophet Velen plus double Mind Blast is a twenty point combo that can kill people out of nowhere. If you add on something like a Holy Smite, the damage ceiling just climbs higher and higher. However, there is a big problem with Velen/Mind Blast. It costs eleven mana. Enter Emperor Thaurissan, one of the best combo cards that Hearthstone has ever seen. All you need to do is discount one of the three combo cards and the entire thing is just a mere ten mana. Discount further and you can really start to bring the pain for cheap. That is your number one goal with this deck. Use the Control Priest shell to carefully contstruct a nearly unstoppable three card combo. It is not the easiest task in the world, but Control Priest is primed quite well for this meta, and having the extra surprise of burst can take a game out of nowhere.

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  1. ezee4761 says:

    I started using this deck today at rank 14 and I have gone 11-1 so far and I’ve misplayed a lot. I’m sure at higher ranks I will need to tighten up my play but it is so versatile. I have one a lot of games playing somewhat aggressive using velen’s, heals and boards clears to maintain board and whittle their health down to where I two mind blasts do the work for me.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Very nice! Yeah, it is easy to misplay and does take some time to get used to, but it is really powerful once you get going. The element of surprise is always nice and can take you down a lot of games.

  2. tubasaurus_rex says:

    There is one thing I think may be overlooked a bit.

    Should you get a Chosen to stick … It stacks your damage as it does carry a +1 Spell Damage Mod.

    Do you see them sticking long enough to be a factor?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What kills me is u have this as a premium guide when any retard on the internet can google Otk Lyme an walah get a decklist and a FREE GUIDE written up by Lyme on hearthpwn.

    “2 things are only ever infinite: the universe, and humanity’s stupidity…”

    • LightsOutAce says:

      The main content here is the video. The write-up is just for reference.

    • schattelux says:

      thanks for the additional guide.
      For me this series “weekly legends” is very well written and the videos are really helpful. It is one of the main reasons for me to be premium.

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Thanks, I really appreciate the positive feedback. Sometimes I cover my own decks, but I just always try to bring some extra info on interesting decks around HS. Yes, there are other guides out there, but I think I go quite in depth and I really try to make the videos fun and entertaining. A lot of people don’t record videos, and watching the decks being played always helps me (and hopefully others) a little bit more.