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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Pirate Rogue!


Last week it was Shaman, this time around it’s Rogue. And not just any Rogue, boys and girls. Oh no, this time around I wanted to cover something special. This week’s list is a Top 50 Legend Pirate Rogue deck from coreyrj. As I have said so many times before, one of the biggest reasons I do this series is to explore the fun yet competitive decks on the ladder. A lot of people tend to fall into a trap when looking at how to climb in Hearthstone. There are many names for this phenomenon, but I refer to it as the “popular belief fallacy”. What does that mean? It means “everyone believes it, so it must be true”. This comes in many forms throughout the game, ranging from “x card can’t be used” or “x card is unplayable” to “x class can’t win” or “this play isn’t right”. These notions often aren’t true. You don’t always want to go with the general consensus in Hearthstone, as surprise is most definitely your friend. As such, this week I wanted to give an example of ways to challenge convention. How? By showing that, despite general belief, Rogue is not unplayable.

This week’s list takes the conventional tropes of Oil Rogue and makes it into a much more early aggression, minion-based list. Some games will feel like aggro, but always remember that you want to play the tempo game when you can. This deck only runs one Sap, which means you are going to mostly rely on damage to control the board. If you can remove a large threat in order to save your minions you should always do so. Minions are largely the focus of this deck, which then finishes the end of the game with a giant burst. As such, a large part of this deck is to always understand when you can burst your opponent out of nowhere. That burst potential is still in this build, and an essential part of the deck. Just as when you play Midrange Hunter, where you never want to forger you are a Hunter, here you never want to forget you are a Rogue. You have a massive amount of damage potential, and you should always play to that when you can.
A lot of what makes this deck so fun is that it has the familiarity of Oil Rogue, but plays in a much more board focused deck. That’s just really cool.

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