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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Pirate Warrior!


When Whispers first got revealed I brewed up a number of different decks I thought would have a lot of potential in standard. While those decks ranged across different classes and archetypes, one of the ones I was most excited about was pirates. As I said then, when a new set drops it is always important to see what synergy exists that didn’t exist before. It is even more important to do that with an entirely new format. Whispers of the Old Gods gave us a lot of new tools, and among those were some very solid options for pirates. While there is not a ton of new options, it is important to remember how much impact just one or two cards can have. Hearthstone is built in a way where each class is always going to get most of its power from classic or basic cards. That means it only takes a small push to instantly make an archetype good. Today’s builder, Lunk42, shows a perfect example of that by revealing how to take a few new cards and craft a deck with a lot of powerful synergy.

We look at many different styles of decks here on Weekly Legends. While this list may look like an aggro deck at first glance (and most pirate attempts have been aggro based), it is actually a heavy aggro/tempo build in the same vein of Zoo or the old versions of Midrange Hunter. That is to say, you want to start out with board control to get in some early damage, and then build on that until you end the game in a series of burn. Though the burn may not be as obvious here as it is in other decks, you do have a lot of ways to rapidly close out the game. This deck operates similar to a much more aggressive version of Tempo Warrior. The first three or four turns should be spent controlling the board and building up a presence, but once the middle game hits you need to turn up the heat and start pushing for damage as much as you can. There are a lot of finishers in this deck, and you should play to them as best you can.

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  1. redrocket131 says:

    What is the tier list for Sir Finnley Mrrgglton?

  2. skream says:

    is it a bit too slow for pirate warrior?

  3. volkassassin says:

    Thanks Joseph, I always enjoy your articles