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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Reno Dreadsteed!


Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a deck name. Not only do we have Reno Jackson (the newest legend to join the playable club) but we also have one of the coolest cards to ever hit Hearthstone in [/card]Dreadsteed[/card]. You can be sure that any deck running both of those cards is going to be a control deck, and that is exactly what this one is. Not just a control deck, a super Warlock control deck that uses all of its cards to lock down the boar, heal up and outlast your opponent. This is by no means a fatigue deck (we will get to that soon) but it does a great job of slowing down the game to its own pace.

This weeks list comes from Bacco_hs who used the inherent power of Warlock to create a mish-mash deck that really shows innovation. Warlock’s hero power allows you to sacrifice consistency for power. While some decks would struggle with 28 one-of’s, life tap can save your curve in so many different situations. Not only that, but this deck is created from catch up options, which are essential in a strict control deck like this one. Every card in this list plays a set purpose, and understanding all of those purposes is key to winning games.

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  1. Jerigole says:

    Runned against this deck during legend’s last week. I never lost once with paladin secret, mid range hunter, hybrid hunter, control warrior… I thought that it was a bit crappy then, but your article is very-well structured so I’ll give it a try this month before getting to legend rank

  2. popbot says:

    NIce article! I run exactly the same list since two weeks now with good result on ranked play (~70% winrate). This deck is awesome but very difficult to play: you have to carefully manage each turn to take control of the board and after that fing a way to victory. Because of that, it’s an interesting deck to play: every game is unique.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, it’s really fun to play. A lot of really cool decisions.

      • popbot says:

        Yeah, you’re have the point! Cool decisions: it’s all about cool decisions. I’ve just played a renoLock. At turn 15, I’ve played Lord Jaraxxus and sacrifice my voidcaller on the board to trigger Mal’Ganis with 4 dreadsteed on the board. Priceless Victory 2 turns after! ^^

        • thetvsurgeon says:

          Nice! Yeah, there are a ton of interesting interactions you don’t see until you pilot the list.

          • popbot says:

            Yeah! :) Just go my way with the deck on ladder and achieve a 75% winrate. The last two opponent were playing Dreadsteed warlock too. Easy matchup if you manage to hide that you are playing the same deck… :)
            By the way, I have a question for you. Do you play on EU or American server? Is there any way to befriend you in game or on social media?

        • thetvsurgeon says:

          Yeah, I play on America. jscaliseok#1858. Just send me a request.

          • popbot says:

            Thank you so much. Mine is PopBot#1744. Regards. HF and GG! :)

  3. belegorn says:

    Oh man, this is exactly the deck I was planning on running for Reno next month! Except, I was going to run 2 Void Callers and a Sense Demons for consistent draw as well. I’m really excited someone has made it work!