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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Reno…Hunter?


If there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s sports. If there’s two things I know a lot about, it’s sports and Reno Jackson decks. This is my third soiree with the treasure-hunting legend, but it is still new territory for me. While I have played Reno in Shaman, Warlock and Paladin, I have yet to see him played in Hunter. There are many reasons for this. One main reason is that Hunter is a class that usually depends on a lot of two-ofs for consistency and reliable damage potential. Another is that most Hunter decks are about being proactive and very aggressive, which Reno does not really fit into. That is why I chose this deck to show you guys. Because, while Reno is a slower card that enables the game to go on for a very long time, this legend deck, originally built by crimzig, uses him as a tool rather than a win condition.

At first glance this list may look a lot like some sort of Control Hunter. It is important to know that this deck is by no means a Control Hunter. I feel that build is still far out of reach, and something that Rexxar just doesn’t have the tools for yet. Rather, this is a much more spread out version of Midrange Hunter that sacrifices a bit of consistency in order to play to Reno’s ability. Even with that sacrifice, most of Hunter’s cards are so inherently powerful that you have a ton of tools at your disposal. This deck pilots like a strange hybrid version of the classic midrange, where you play to your hand more to your deck. That is to say, since you can’t reliably know what you’re going to draw, you don’t want to focus on your curve here as much as you want to focus on what you have and the best ways to play to the board.

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Leave a Reply

  1. dukeofyork says:

    I love new decks and I love Reno, so I gotta try it. I’m making 2 changes – Gormok and a Ram Wrangler instead of the Argent Horserider and the second Mad Scientist. Any thoughts? Won my initial match against an aggro Shaman.

    • Joseph says:

      Second scientist could definitely go. I also love the inclusion of Ram Wrangler, I was thinking about that exact change during the videos. Not sure about Gormok tho. Good luck with the climb either way.

      • dukeofyork says:

        I agree. I was not getting value from Gormok so he’s gone. I have added a Tomb Spider for more recruiting and beast synergy. The Wrangler is working. Merry Christmas !