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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: The Return of Hobgoblin Druid


It’s time to go back. Not to the future, but to an earlier time of tokens, Hobgoblins and Druids. For this edition of Weekly Legends, we are going to look at a deck which Brian Kibler first popularized at the start of the year. However, while Kibler played this deck at┬áLegend rank, EmptySet2 actually geared up and took it all the way to the orange diamond. Not only does this deck have the ability to beat the top teir decks in the game, but it’s consistency makes it a solid choice for your laddering needs. Like all Druid decks, you are going to be using Innervate to pull off some crazy combos. And, like the classic token decks of old, you are both going to use Violet Teacher to cover the board, and Savage Roar to finish the game. However, this deck has the extra punch of Hobgoblin (and some awesome 1 attack minions) at your disposal, which takes the deck to the next level, giving it both burst and late game power.

This deck is a very succinct blend of two different play styles. Ultimately, you are pushing through with either the combo or with a giant Savage Roar, but how you get to that point varies greatly. Just like Aggro Paladin, Zoo and the like, this is a deck that wants early board control and aims to win by never giving it back. You have a slew of extremely resilient two drops (plus Wrath). That alone is usually enough to lock up the early game and give you the edge you need to pull it out in the long run. The road to victory here is simple, keep filling the board until you win by combo or face damage. However, the execution of this strategy (just like all decks) is much more complicated that it first appears.

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  1. sushibomber says:

    Thanks for this deck!

    Very well written guide! Corrected a few of my plays (not always as aggressive as I should). So far I’m climbing the ladder like never before (8-0). Every months I’m able to reach rank 3-4. Maybe, ill get to legend this month!


    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks so much. Yeah, I think the biggest learning curve for this deck is learning when to be aggressive and when to trade. Glad you’re having success. Hope you go all the way!