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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Shaman Returns! (Legend Go-Big Shaman)



Sometimes here on Weekly Legends, we like to theorycraft. While Legend Decks are great, sometimes it’s also nice to look at individual cards and see how they fit into the overall metagame. This week, Shaman got arguably the strongest four drop in the game, Fireguard Destroyer. This card is insanely powerful, a 4/6 for four at worst, and a 6/6 or 7/6 50% percent of the time. Those are ridiculous numbers, and took Shaman from one of the worst decks in the game to one of the best. That may be a bold claim, but as Innerscorecard’s legend deck shows, sometimes you have to be a little bold if you want to win.

Look at that list. Seriously, just look at that list. Annoy-o-Tron? No Earth Shock? Neptulon?? Kel'Thuzad??? You better believe it. This isn’t your mama’s Shaman list, this isn’t OG Fight Night Shaman, this is new Shaman. This is beat you over the head until you stop moving Shaman. Fireguard Destroyer gives the deck an incredibly powerful must-answer four drop that gives way to the later game and allows your larger minions to take over. What this deck lacks in card draw it makes up for in minion size and, unlike traditional Shaman, it tries to get value from its minions rather than from its spells. It’s always refreshing to see a new take on an old deck. This is a great take on traditional Shaman that, is not only good, but is also a blast to play.

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  1. hdawg187 says:

    Hi, great guide and video. I’m trying out this deck now. My question is, do you think there’s any room for Lava Shock in this deck? Would it allow for greater buffing of the Unbound Elemental? Thanks again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, I always love good feedback. I think Lava Shock may be too situational for this list. While it can have some good combos, there isn’t enough overload to justify it, and two damage is pretty weak these days.

  2. sonofcorhal says:

    Whooo, this deck is very fun to play, and i played a lot, and lost a lot. I enjoyed every game because its a very tactical deck and i think it sharpened my senses, but i dont know maybe you got any advices. My current rank is 19, i started at 20 and the best was 17. I focussed many mech mages and zoolocks (problem) oh and palas (no problem at all). Any advices? Greetings from Germany

    • Anonymous says:

      Greetings to you as well. Can’t really say about Mech Mage, since I have not encountered one in quite some time, but in terms of Demonlock you want to make use of your Hexes and board clears. Always wait until you can get as much value as possible. You are going to overwhelm small decks with sheer power. One of the strength of those small decks is their ability to go face or put on pressure. By using powerful minions, you can make them answer your threats. By doing this, it then sets up board clears and forces them to extend into your game plan. This is the most common way to win with the deck. In terms of Paladin, you want to try and bait out their removal. They usually run two peacekeeprs, equality and big game hunter. Count these cards, until you can get a big minion to stick. For instance, if they have not played a peacekeeper, I will often play boom before neptulon, as boom is not as big of a deal getting keepered as boom. Those kind of plays, and really knowing your opponent’s decks, can be the difference between winning and losing.

  3. robertet says:

    i replaced Alakir instead of neptulon, and its working fine. It has more synergy with the rockbiter.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was something else I considered, Alakir is a great option finisher in this deck.

  4. morty5 says:

    Nice guide on the new deck. Video guide always helps. I think this shaman deck should be more consistent than the mech shaman deck; which I think is very draw dependent as well as your opponents draw. That’s why i think people thought mech shaman was not that strong, although with a good hand it is unstoppable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I really do not like mech shaman. It’s an insanely good deck when you get the cards, but it just fizzles if you don’t. Almost feels like flipping coins, which I do not like. I prefer this build because, as you said, it is a lot more consistent.

  5. nefesha says:

    I really like this deck. I missed playing shaman ever since Naxx but they seem to be getting some love finally.