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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Silence! (Druid)


Shhh! No talking in my series! Of course, I’m only joking. However, this week we are celebrating one of Hearthstone’s most iconic mechanics: silence. The mechanic is most often an ability you use to shut down one of your opponent’s minions as a way to take away an ability to get through an annoying taunt. However, sometimes, as in the case of this week, you can use it on your own minions to get some really nice effects. While it always feels good to take out a Sylvanas Windrunner or Tirion Fordring, any Handlock player will tell you that getting a turn two Ancient Watcher activated feels even better. This weeks deck, made by one of my favorite deckbuilders, CrusherHS, takes that idea and pushes it to the max by including a whole slew of minions that you want to silence as soon as possible.

I have said this many times, but it is hard (very hard) to make Druid feel fresh. Force of Nature/Savage Roar has completely taken over the class, and just about every build runs the same four of five sticky minions plus Emperor Thaurissan. Yes, this deck does run the combo, but the tools to get to that combo feel very fun and, if possible, even more unfair than normal. Last week I covered a new, interesting twist of Midrange Paladin that focused on minions and buffs more than its predecessors. This week I am taking another look at a tweak on popular archetype. While silence Druid has popped up from time to time, it has never been terribly meta-breaking. However, this is a version of the deck I have wanted to try since my original LOE series. Not just because it has some of the coolest openings in Hearthstone, or because it is very strong in the current meta, but because most of these cards are just so fun to play.

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  1. madboyx says:

    Good article, and I agree with you that now is a good time to take this deck for a spin. Looking forward to see how the new format affects druid! I want new life in the class.