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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Tempo Warrior


Alright, now we’re getting to some cool stuff. This week I’m looking at brand new take on Warrior (one of my favorite classes in the game). In the past Warrior has been restricted to three different styles: Aggro, Patron or Control. All of those are fine archetypes that can be a blast to play. However, with Whispers comes new decks and new styles, and these week we explore something a little different in Tempo Warrior. This list, rather than be purely midrange, purely aggro or purely control, is a blend of all three. As a result, it is two decks mashed into one, looking like half-Patron and half-control. The early game here is Acolyte of Pain and Battle Rage mixed in with Armorsmith and Fiery War Axe. However, as the game progresses your minion quality rapidly rises, giving you the chance to win or overpower other decks with some giant legendaries.

While I did not create this list, the following list is my take on Tempo Warrior. I mention this because there are a number of decks floating around that all do similar things. While only a few changes have been overall, I think there is a lot of flexibility with this, and that means you can freely tweak the deck how you want to. There are a lot of flex spots here, and many options to play. You typically want to alter the deck in a way that best fits the style you play as well as counters the decks you are most often seeing. For instance, if you aren’t seeing taunts (which is quite unlikely) you can switch out The Black Knight, or you might want more early game if you are seeing a ton of Zoo.

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Leave a Reply

  1. inkwel says:

    Would you make any changes to this deck for laddering in current meta?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm, that’s tough. The deck is really quite solid. I think Whirlwind could be good if you’re seeing a lot of aggro, and you can always play with the different tech cards. Sylvanas is really strong if you’re seeing a lot of other midrange or slower decks.

  2. karasutd says:

    Good article. No Frothing Berserker though and no mention of it at all? Hmm, i would imagine this card to be a core deck in a midrange style of warrior.

  3. pinchotenebroso says:

    Your list works very good, i got this season rank 5 very fast ty

  4. direna says:

    No Whirlwind in this? What to against all those Zoo’s and Divine Pala? The 2 Ghouls are never enough to control the Board?!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      As stated below, you can easily sub in WW if you’re seeing a lot of aggro. I’m currently rank 4 and seeing almost all Warrior/Paladin and Rogue, which WW does nothing against.

      • direna says:

        Oh sorry, I must have over read that, my fault!
        What kind of Warrior / Pala are you facing @R4?

        • fritzxp says:

          I am at R5 right now and there is a LOT of shaman, both aggro and zoo/totem (and some midrange). some zoolock. quite a lot of miracle rogues. also quite some warriors, mostly tempo/midrange and patron (few to no CW). almost all of the palas are n’zoth, i have been facing VERY few aggro or DS pala so far. c’thun druid seems to have completely disappeared at least around these Ranks.

          • direna says:

            Thanks a lot, so I know what I have to expect.

  5. kruul27 says:

    Thanks for the great article! I’ve been playing midrange/tempo Warrior lately with a great deal of success. I like the addition of Harrison and Black Knight. However mine is a little different as I have one less monkey and plus one whirlwind. With all the warlocks, I just feel like more aoe is a must.

    Tempo Warrior is awesome, I’m only 10 wins away from my golden warrior and I’ve got about a 65% win rate with Tempo Warrior after around 30 games between ranks 9 – 17.

    Thanks for the write up! Keep them coming

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      No problem! Always love to hear good feedback. Yeah, WW is great in a Zoo heavy meta, solid inclusion if you’re seeing it.

  6. bpdonald10 says:

    Loving This deck.

  7. daverrod says:

    Currently playing with -1 Harrison, -1 Malborok, +1 Sylvanas, +1 Hogger, Doom of Elwynn and working very well for me.