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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: TGT All Beast Hunter


TGT is here, and I am back on the regular “Weekly Legends” grind to bring you the new, most exciting legend decks this wonderful game has to offer. Before we begin, I gotta say, this is exactly what Hearthstone needed. I know it’s only been a week since TGT dropped, but man oh man has it been fun. The new cards are here, the meta is rapidly shifting, and I raced to legend on as soon as I could. With what you ask? Well, that’s the topic of today’s discussion. There were many decks from my “Theorycrafting” articles that I desperately wanted to tweak and try, and while I only got to a few so far, it quickly became apparent that the “All Beast” Hunter list was the best of the bunch. As such, I worked at the numbers, playing around with different builds and different cards, until I found what I consider to be the optimal build. While we will talk about the comparisons to Midrange Hunter in a minute (don’t play Eaglehorn Bow!), it is important to know that this is an extremely powerful deck that really puts beast synergy ahead of everything else. At its core, this is a Hunter list, which is familiar in tone. However, in practice it plays out quite differently and operates in a way that I have not seen before.

There are a lot of people who are going to want to cut cards and shift this more towards the classic Midrange Hunter (don’t play Eaglehorn Bow!). However, this is not Midrange Hunter, and that’s something you need to remember when piloting this list. Instead of using slower damage, based cards to control the board, you are using minions. Both Houndmaster and Ram Wrangler are insanely powerful midgame cards that can just steal a board if your opponent isn’t careful. I knew that going in, and as such I wanted to create a deck where I would always have a beast of some sort on the board. Beasts matter in this deck, and you want them early and often. Both of your secrets are beasts, as are your most of your minions, which means triggering these two aren’t a problem. Shifting the classic midrange build to this version was pretty simple, and while there is something to say about missing Knife Juggler and Piloted Shredder, getting caught without a beast is not worth the value of those cards. One of the most important things that I also stress in the video is, as always, you are a Hunter. This deck runs double Quick Shot and Kill Command. That, combined with the hero power, means a lot of fast damage should you need it. If you ever start to slip behind, or feel like you are going to lose the board, there is nothing wrong with bashing your opponent in the face.

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Leave a Reply

  1. lordvandal says:

    I have played in ranked from 25 till 13. Win – Loss: 63 – 44. Conclusion. Too much RNG in this deck to be really successful.

  2. teawrecksxx says:

    I just started my ladder grind. So far (no jinxes plz) I am 9-0 with this exact list. I’ve beat 3 midrange/hybrid hunters, 1 tempo mage, 1 midrange zoo, 2 shaman mech/midrange, 1 oil rogue, 1 aggro pally (no secrets). I do not miss knife juggler or the bow at all. Traps synergize well, only really rough win was vs aggro pally he had full board I top decked kill command+quick shot for the win. Great job! If I start running into secret pally and it’s a problem, I’ll swap hunters mark for 1 flare! Thanks for sharing!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Awesome! Yeah, the jugglers aren’t needed in this build. You have a lot of tools at your disposal. Hope the streak keeps up!

      • teawrecksxx says:

        It’s insane getting a turn one spinner t2 running it into a token to get a king mukla for turn 3 drop haha! Dreadscale is great vs the mirror and pally. I did find myself not playing him one game due to a creeper and snake trap proc. it also worries me vs patron. I haven’t played a patron yet but I’m sure they will be rearing their ugly heads soon. What do you think?

  3. direna says:

    Could Mukla’s Champion be an interesting card for this deck as it is a beast, too?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Unfortunately no. Mukla’s Champion is way too slow. It doesn’t really react to the board, and has a weak body for it’s cost. Even if you do manage to trigger its inspire, you aren’t a swarm deck and there really isn’t enough minions to make proper use of the buff.

  4. madboyx says:

    Hey Joseph. Looks like a great deck, and I’m interested to try this beast-centric version of midrange. What do you think might be a good sub for Dreadscale? I want to give this deck a test run before I craft him. Thanks for sharing!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Dreadscale is very strong, but not necessary at all. If you just wanna test the deck, a second Unleash or a Jungle Panther (curves really well into Houndmaster) are fine replacements. Unleash if you’re seeing more aggro, Panther is you find yourself going up against a lot of control.

  5. banderquartz says:

    Hi, Joseph. How do you think this deck performs against the new Mysterious Challenger/secrets Pally? That secrets Pally seems to get pretty out of control…Thanks for the great video!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Always love good feedback. The secrets paly list is a strong one no doubt, but this deck can handle it pretty well as long as you know how to handle the secrets. There, you are a control deck almost pure and simply for the first five or so turns. However, once you get threats (or a giant taunt which secrets usually can’t deal with) you need to start going face hard. The biggest problem with secrets is they have so many different cards they could run it’s hard to know what’s coming. Just keep their board clear and make sure they can’t get any leverage.

  6. treehugger says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this interesting deck. I will give it a try later today!

    With all the Pallys around playing soo many secrets I thought about replacing the Snake Trap by a single copy of flare… What do you think?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this interesting deck. I will give it a try later today!

    With all the Pallys around playing soo many secrets I thought about replacing the Snake Trap by a single copy of flare… What do you think?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, Flare is amazing right now in this meta. However, I would consider playing it over something other than Snake Trap (Webspinner or an Elekk comes to mind). Trap is just too good for beasts, and too important when run alongside bear.

  8. yuurei says:

    Im just trying your deck after having trouble with my previous midrange hunter i was struggling past rank 17 i tried this and in one night scaled to 11 just in time for the season end and got a nice chest reward out of it, will play it more. but ive found it excellent even against a warrior that managed to get to +17 armor and pretty much had decided it was game over for me as i had already dealt with 2 grim patrons and used my silence when he put another grim patron but the amount of punch and utility to both burst and control the board this deck has is amazing and let me get through it before coming with a nasty surprise of a king krush. ive seen often people just give up when facing a board of a buffed up taunt, the hound master, and bam ram wrangler just pops up king krush gahz´rilla, the beast, or something similar. more often than not if they dont quit the amount of effort they have to spend in order to control such a dangerous card on turn 5 is enough to let me hit face with no remorse until they are dead

  9. baartt says:

    Interesting deck thanks for sharing :)

    Did you try to make a room for Acidmaw ? As you want to always have something on the board, you may have something to suicid the turn you play it to kill bigger threats..
    I am not sure the card is any good actually as you may want to play it in a deck that has a lot of small minions to suicide, you don’t want it on board when you have big minions because it may backfire pretty hard.. Well i got a golden one so I’ll definitely try to find a deck where it can fit =) Just wanted to know your feeling about the card.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Honestly, as good as Dreadscale is, Acidmaw is way too weak. The body sucks, the card hurts you as well, and it comes out too late in the game to have any real impact. Even the small combos (with Hounds or Dreadscale) aren’t good because then they can just ping your whole board the next turn.

  10. goldenboy says:

    Thanks. This is what I was looking for: a fresh hunter deck. Great.