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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Time to Get Big (Legend Overload Shaman)


Last week, in an attempt to expand the decks I talk about here on Weekly Legends, I branched out of the usual classes and covered a very cool Priest deck. This week, to spread a little more love, I decided to look at a legend Shaman list made by Simplexity88. Shaman is a class that, not only doesn’t see a lot of play, but actually gets hated on quite a bit. “The minions are too weak” and “overload costs too much” are some of the most common complaints, and for the most part they are pretty well founded. However, as this deck shows, overload isn’t always a weakness. Sometimes, if you try hard enough, it can actually be a strength.

This deck is all about big minions. Not quite a control deck, and not quite midrange, this list sits in a very interesting middle game. There are plenty of removal here, but, unlike most decks, you aren’t here to win with some a burst play or hordes of small creatures. Rather, you are just going to keep slamming down large minion after large minion until your opponent runs out of answers. Of course, there are games where things won’t go according to plan, but this deck packs enough early game punch and hard removal to give you the longevity you need to push through to the later turns. At its base, this operates just like the classic Shaman days of old. You have a bunch of small, powerful spells that act as your early drops, and you have giant minions that come crashing down to take over the middle turns. However, this time around, not only do you have Lava Shock, which gives you a way to get around some huge overload setbacks, but between Neptulon, Earth Elemental and Dr. Boom you also have access to a lot more minions to finish off the game with.

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  1. kruul27 says:

    Really nice write up! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying to get into Shaman. I’ve been playing since beta and Shaman is the one class I never really played much. And I love that you don’t see too many Shamans on the ladder, makes playing a Shaman that much better. One question, you have any suggestions on an Earth Elemental? I only have one, and I don’t have enough to craft a second right now.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Always love feedback (especially when it’s good, haha). Honestly, in this style of deck you typically want to just play as many huge minions as possible. However, since earth elemental is a mid game drop, you could easily replace it with either another huge game finisher (think Rag) or a solid middle game minion such as Loatheb. Hope that helps.