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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: (My) Velen Priest


Let’s face it guys, the meta has become stale. Real stale. Like a piece of bread left out for three weeks in a Nairobi desert. When that happens (and boy has it happened in the past) what do you do? Well, you can always complain (an option many, myself included, have taken in the past), or you can do something about it. In my case, I decided to try and play something that I had never played before to do something I had never done in the process. The deck was Velen Priest, and the goal was to take Priest to legend. In my two years playing legend I have taken all classes to the orange diamond except Priest, and while I waited for Whispers to come out (still waiting, Blizz…) I thought I’d have some fun. It is always important to make sure you are having fun while playing a game, and that can be easy to forget with a stressful CCG like Hearthstone. Always check yourself and see if the things you are doing are actually worth doing. As such, when I started to really feel overwhelmed by the game, I began to look up decklists for past Velen lists and see what I could make.

I always knew that Prophet Velen/double (20 damage with an Emperor Thaurissan tick if you’re counting) had a lot of potential. Even since the early days of Blackrock Mountain I have wanted to play the deck. However, most of the lists I came across were a little off. They were all too focused on damage, too keyed in on trying to make the “dream” combo happen. While you do need the damage to win, I quickly realized that you don’t need to always be working towards the wombo combo because no one will ever see it coming. All you need to do was stay alive. As such, I took the classic combo and stuck it inside of a more natural Priest shell. Yes, the deck isn’t as “explosive” with things like Velen's Chosen, but it is much better at grinding games down. You are not always going to win with the combo, sometimes you are just going to be a control deck. And that’s just fine. Understanding you role each game is, above everything else, the key to this deck.

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  1. hannes3120 says:

    First 3 Games 2x ControlWarrior – am I right in that this deck is pretty much as unfavored against ControlWarrior as FreezeMage is since you have effectively LESS Damage than Freeze since you can’t generate more “on the fly”? Also my 4th game was against FreezeMage – is their any way to beat them other than trying to outheal them and waiting for Fatigue to kill them through the Block?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since im playing freeze mage quite a lot lately and im a priest main i can tell u how to escape from danger zone that mage creates. As u could i suppose see mage always depends on how much he can deal in turn eventually 2 turns ahed, he needs antonidas to create enought fireballs to kill u ( with alex ) but usually in 70 % cases he will just relay on ALEX + 2 fireballs + frost bolt combo, or smth like that. Keep Flash heals and try to play Justicar as soon as possible, in turn 9 when much likely Alex will be played use combo, flashheal x2 i hero power, kill alex
      or entomb her, u’ll be at 29 hp what is quite a problem to deal with for freeze mage without antonidas played.

      • hannes3120 says:

        Priest is generally unfavored against FreezeMage and this Version doesn’t even run Justicar so has far less heal overall – and the “classic” 2x Fireball + Frostbolt after Alex is not seen that often if the FreezeMage can play – there are many different ways for you to die and vs. Priest any good FreezeMage will calculate with you healing 7 after Alex most of the time…

        If the FreezeMage wants he can just wait until he gets the Emperor-Proc on Thalnos with a few Spells to just burst you from high in your 20s…

        I get that Fatigue is your most likely win-condition but if you look at how FreezeMage has more than enough time to then set up a very likely 2-turn-finish that Wincondition isn’t very good against Freeze…

        • Joseph says:

          I mean, admittedly my sample size is small (four games) but I never lost to Freeze with this deck. It’s not an easy match but you can often get them to burn cards on minions throughout the game and as long as you only let their Emperor get one proc you should be able to stay above their range. Also, no mage expects Alex, which is a great heal after they shoot you into Pyroblast range.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Control Warr is really tough. The way you beat them is by saving all of your damage (both chows with auchenai, both flash heals with auchenai and your mindblast combo) and waiting until you get a huge Thaurissan proc. Then you want to just throw everything at their face and hope they die. In terms of Freeze Mage, you just want to grind them out and out heal them. Save your big healing for after Alex, save Alex for yourself and try to use Velen/Flash Heal on your own face. They will eventually run out of damage and die in fatigue.

  2. rawfooddude says:

    I think this is your best weekly legends so far. Excellent job.

  3. vamp9190 says:

    Nice games in the video. I am going to give this a try, it looks fun.