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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Watcher Paladin


I have no idea if this week’s deck is a blast from the past or a look into the future. On one hand, it uses some old cards that have not seen ladder play in some time. However, on the other hand, it also brings Paladin into a completely new light. This is the deck that Thijsje656 took all the way to legend. One which omits many of the traditional Paladin cards (Truesilver Champion, Equality) for some new one such as Ironbeak Owl, Ancient Watcher and Nerubian Egg. Though Coghammer has been used to effect in the past, it really shines in this build. Not only can it turn Ancient Watcher into a powerhouse that completely shuts down aggro, but it also doubles as cheap removal and makes it so your opponent must go through your Nerubian Egg.

The key to this deck is, like many Paladin decks, is slow board control until you can push through for lethal. However, unlike most Paladin decks, you also have a surprising amount of burst from your large range of combos. While the main opening is usually going to be Ironbeak Owl/Ancient Watcher or Scarlet Purifier/Nerubian Egg, there are many more plays available to you that involve things such as Defender of Argus or Coghammer. While you are not going to find every combo each game, you usually will have enough small ones to carry you through to the end. Even if you never get a chance to put two cards together, there are still enough interesting threats and big bodies to carry you through. Tirion Fordring is, as always, you finisher of choice, but Sylvanas Windrunner and Dr. Boom also help give you the late game you need.

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  1. gird44 says:

    Have been playing this deck for 25 games which I realize is not very many but it is hard to believe it climbed the ladder by itself. Maybe I am playing it all wrong but it seems weak versus freeze, rogue and handlock and played 50/50 versus Grim in the 6 games I played. It is a lot of fun to play but my luck so far has not been good. Thanks for the article though as it is something to try until someone can build a dragon worthy Pally deck.

    • sergan says:

      Im rank 9 now, climbed from 13 with this deck (im make a pair of changes, paladin without Equiality is really weird for me) and can manage grimms warriors, oils rogues and specially faceless hunter, the problem for me is the handlock (for that im put equiality), Is a strange deck but work fine for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, this takes a little bit of practice to get used to. I think it’s actually a very strong list. Handlock is basically unwinnable, but if you can dodge them you should be fine. Grimm is usually quite easy as you don’t have that many minions that fall below three attack. Just always be aware of thier combo

  2. nothingsjim says:

    What do you think about swapping out Shredder for Hungry Dragon?

    The Deathrattle on Shredder makes it a bit awkward to play together with Purifier, and the little minion HG summons for your opponent shouldn’t be hard to deal with.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Dragon is a fine replacement. The only thing I would be a little worried about is sometimes you might not have a drop before it and it can be a little annoying to get rid of the one drop.

  3. mcluvin says:

    The video is marked as private and doesn’t play – other than that I love the deck concept and write up!