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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Who’s the Tempo now, Jaina? (Legend Tempo Priest)


Hello one and all! The Grand Tournament is coming, and I could not possibly be more excited. However, we still have a month (or less) before that occurs, but I do hope that you are sharpening your swords, catching up on your spell study and stringing your bows in anticipation. Before that happens (and rest assured I will be doing a complete breakdown my top cards from TGT) we have some legend decks to attend to. Priest, just like Shaman last week, is a class that gets very little love these days. Check that: It gets zero love. I know that I have covered it a couple of times here, and that is mainly because it is an underplayed class that still has a lot going for it. In my discussion of the shifting meta, I often cite the idea of evolution or advancement as one of the key elements of Hearthstone. That is, using cards in new and exciting ways. Well, this week’s Tempo Priest list by LonelyLink manages to excel at this, by taking a class that is traditionally structured around control or combo archetypes and making a tempo deck.

I’ll be the first to say it: this deck looks awful on paper. At first glance, it seems like the first half of a solid control deck that has very little ways to go long. However, it does work. Tempo decks, at their base, are built around both early board control and card draw. Priest does both very well. Northshire Cleric, for instance, is one of the best early game cards for both board control and draw power, while Zombie Chow and Dark Cultist both always make efficient trades. The basis of the deck is to do exactly what Tempo Mage does, just in a slightly different way. Instead of focusing on spells, you are going to win the game through minions. You want to sieze the board, and then use efficient spells and undercosted minions to never lose control of the game. This deck runs many one ofs, such as Shadow Word: Death and Light of the Naaru because it is your minions that will carry the day. The spells that are in the deck, much like Frostbolt and Fireball will usually just be there to clear the way for your minions, and allow you to anchor things down for your larger plays.

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Leave a Reply

  1. olympicmichael says:

    What is a curve?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Very good question. A curve is the average mana cost in your deck in ascending order. For instant, having a one cost minion into a two cost minion into a three cost minion is a very good curve. It gives you something to play every turn. Basically, think of it as always having something to do, that can be a minion or a spell, but playing something each turn is a curve. Even not having a one or two drop but having something to do on turn three, four and five is a strong midgame curve. Hope that helps.

  2. craigsterry says:

    I seem to get wrecked by Freeze Mages with this list. What answers does it have for the Doomsayer? I had an interesting game with a Tempo Mage. I’m on the play, and kept BladeMaster, Circle, and Resurrect in my opening hand. Did nothing until turn 3, then BladeMaster/Circle. Had a lucky draw, and played 2 Resurrects on turn 5 — hello, twin 4/7’s! Game didn’t last too long after that. Does that seem like a good (non)-mulligan, or did I just get lucky?

    • Anonymous says:

      As I said in the video, Freeze Mage comes down to playing around Doomsayer. You want to commit just enough to get them to play Doomsayer/Frost Nova on turn five without giving them too much. Then you can flood the board with Velen’s Chosen and high health minions. Also, if the games go long, you just save Vol’jin, Nova for Doomsayer. That mulligan is actually pretty weak. Master/Circle/Resurrect is a perfect keep with the coin, but without it, it is very slow, especially against tempo mage. You need to match them punch for punch and waiting til turn three could really backfire, especially is they get out a Scientist or Apprentice which you can’t answer.

      • craigsterry says:

        Thanks for the reply, and a really fun list! I’ve had a great time playing with it on the ladder (around rank 10 right now).