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February 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Y'shaarj Hunter
Class Cards (28)
Arcane Shot 1
On the Hunt 1
Tracking 1
Cat Trick 2
Explosive Trap 2
Freezing Trap 2
Quick Shot 2
Snipe 2
Animal Companion 3
Deadly Shot 3
Eaglehorn Bow 3
Kill Command 3
Unleash the Hounds 3
Call of the Wild 9
Neutral Cards (2)
Barnes 4
Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound 10

Mana Curve

0 0
6 1
10 2
10 3
1 4
0 5
0 6
3 7

Attack Curve

26 0
0 1
0 2
3 3
0 4
0 5
0 6
1 7

Health Curve

26 0
0 1
2 2
0 3
1 4
0 5
0 6
1 7

Weekly Legends: Y’shaarj Hunter

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Leave a Reply

  1. sayn0thing says:

    could you drop one Call of the wild for Malygos?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I think that’s a little too gimmicky. You really don’t want minions that aren’t Y’shaarj.

      • sayn0thing says:

        After playing the deck, I agree.
        I found that both of my Y’saarj were easily removed though…hexed/dropped to 1 attack etc

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s fine usually because you are still going to have Barnes as well as priority, which you can use to push damage.

  2. Koen penne says:

    Is snake trap an option? And yes the combo works quite often! Fun deck… But if it fails, it fails big time! But still fun combo deck… Btw lots of wins with combo but also with arcane shot

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      It is an option, but I don’t think you run enough minions to justify it. However, that’s my opinion. It could be worth testing.

      • Koen penne says:

        Your right sorry… Have been playing the deck… And most of the times, the combo comes out and lots of opponents scoop.
        Call in the hounds is a key card against zoolock and small miniondecks.
        Love the deck… This deck and zoolock are my favourute decks…
        Snake trap isn’t even worth testing since the deck has many other ways to stall, to win, to blast, to pop out of the head!
        Really thanks for this fun deck!
        Maybe the idea could work with mage?

  3. dastirum says:

    Quite a nice deck. But what do we do with Call of the wild now with its cost of 9 Mana? Would you still include it?
    If no: What is the substitute?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I think we still have to play Call to at least test it at nine. It’s so strong I don’t really like running the deck without it and we have enough spells to stall until nine anyway.

  4. neurozic says:

    Fun deck indeed.
    @Joseph: What do you think about the version which has a Highmane as well?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, I like it. I personally would never run any minion besides Y’saarj. Yes, it adds a little more consistency, but it makes your draws worse overall and getting a highmane in some games doesn’t do all that much. I don’t think it’s worth the dream since you win if you get Barnes anyway.

      • dastirum says:

        Right at this moment, the Highmane Version works better for me. But anyway with both versions I have a positiv winrate at this time. Need to play more games to see if this stays as it is. I think this deck is a bit underrated and it is a lot of fun indeed.

        • neurozic says:

          I played a bit with both and I got tired of the 1/1 Highmane from Barnes, even though it’s really good to get that at turn 3 or 4.

          Anyone tried it with Lock and load?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a fun deck. Barnes turn 4 and opponent concedes. I got the combo off surprisingly often.